Yes to Peace! No to NATO!
No to NATO military exercises

Whereas NATO announced the holding in Portugal and Spain, with the support of Italy, one of the largest military exercises in decades, to be held between September 28 and November 6, 2015;

Whereas, at a time when situations of tension, conflict and war multiply - including in Europe - and uncertainty and international instability increase, the military exercises by this bellicist organization, involving Portuguese military forces and territory, deserves a strong rejection;

Recalling that the Portuguese Constitution upholds the "dissolution of political-military blocs and the establishment of a collective security system, with a view to creating an international order capable of ensuring peace and justice in the relations between peoples";

The undersigned Portuguese organisations, committed to the cause of peace, cooperation, progress and social justice:

• Repudiate the holding of NATO military exercises;

• Reject the participation of the Portuguese forces in NATO’s military aggressions against other peoples;

• Reassert the urgent dissolution of NATO, the end of nuclear and mass destruction weapons, the end of foreign military bases and a general and controlled disarmament;

• Demand from the Portuguese authorities the compliance of the principles of the Portuguese Constitution and of the United Nations Charter, respecting international law, the sovereignty of states and equality of people’s rights.